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Planet Earth and Humanity is in deep crisis. The only solution is to gather committed women and men all over the world in joint efforts and devoted collaboration for profound individual and collective transformation.  

Conscious change-makers must reclaim individual authority and freedom on behalf of the whole. We all have to take personal responsibility, declaring that the future belongs to all humanity.

We are all world citizens.

Global Renaissance Society' purpose is to ignite future pioneers worldwide, women and men who share passion and purpose to create a just and compassionate future society.  

You are welcome as member of our global family.

In the Cradle of the First European Renaissance

Global Renaissance Core Center
Borgo Casa Bianca
Casa Bianca Ristorante


Female Leadership in the New Renaissance

The Compassionate Way

April 5-8 2018

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Global Renaissance Gathering I

New Renaissance Bottega
"Deep Listening"
For GRS Members & Supporters

April 12-15 2018

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Symposium European Thought Leaders

The New Renaissance
"How to Ignite and Embody the Next European Renaissance"

October 18-21 2018

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Global Renaissance Gathering II

New Renaissance Bottega
"Creative Intelligence"

For GRS Members & Supporters

October 25-28 2018

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Meet Us at:

Global Renaissance Society Core Center
Casa Bianca, Asciano, Italy

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Leonardo da Vinci


The first Renaissance in Europe gave birth to a revolution in art, science, philosophy, religion, politics and education with great influence on culture, business and economy – all areas of society were shaken in its foundations. It was a creative explosion, a liberating force from restrictive dogmas and ideas.

The next Renaissance is global. A profound transformation of the inner human climate from male to female values will change humanity, creating a new future society. Once again the same entrepreneurial spirit and foresight is required as "Il Magnifico" Lorenzo di Medici and his fellow visionaries showed in the first European Renaissance. 

A New Narrative for Humanity

We Guide People to Find Their Passion and Purpose in the Bigger Context towards the Next Global Renaissance

At the core of the new Renaissance is a profound shift from mind to heart, a movement from masculine to feminine values, a radical change from hierarchy to syncracy, from competition to collaboration, a compassionate interaction between culture and nature.

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Global Renaissance Society

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A hero is someone who has given his or her life to something bigger than oneself
- Joseph Campbell
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